Can I get tattooed under 18 with my parents consent?

No. You must be over 18 with a valid photo I.D. to have your tattoo done. Passport or driving license are also accepted.

Do I need to book an appointment?

Walk-ins are welcome, but in some cases we prefer to work by appointment as most of the work we do is original or custom. Appointments can be made in person, over the phone or via email (if you live out of town).

Is a deposit required?

A deposit of 20 or 50 euros (not refundable) is required to secure your appointment. It can be paid in cash or via credit/debit card. That comes off the final price of your tattoo if you show up for your appointment.

What if I miss my appointment ?

Once you have booked an appointment and left a deposit you must give us 48 hours notice if you can’t make it or you will lose the chance of a new booking and the deposit as well.

Do you charge for consultations ?

No. All consultations are free of charge.

How much will my tattoo cost?

This question is generally followed with a response of “Come in, and we will have you talk to an artist.” Tattoo pricing is dependent on many details (ie. size, location, detail, coloring, and artist). Our shop minimum is 50 euros, and all of our artists are reasonably priced.

Can I bring my own design?

Yes. You can either come by the shop to discuss about your ideas or e-mail the designs, references or any details regarding the size and placement.

What are “The Specials”?

The Specials are tattoos that the tattoo artists design and will put on your body for a very low price just because they really would like to do that particular piece!

How long is your waiting list?

The waiting time for drawing depends on the size of the piece. Drawings can be sketched at the time or take up to 2 weeks.

Do you carry vegan ink?

Tattoo ink is one of the many products on the market that, while there isn’t a company that really goes out of it’s way to make a vegan product, there are some that just “happen” to be vegan. Several of the brands of inks our artists use are vegan. Whenever you make your appointment to get tattooed, just let them know that you want vegan ink only. That way if they happen to want a certain color for your tattoo that they don’t have from a brand that is vegan, they can make sure to borrow some from one of the artists, or plan to mix the color from some of the other vegan inks they DO have.

How do I aftercare my new tattoo?

Tattoo aftercare is so important because you need to ensure your tattoo heals properly (no scabbing, scarring, or lost pigment ‘round here!), that way your tattoo is as beautiful, crisp, and vibrant as it was intended. Tattoo aftercare is very simple, all you have to do is follow a few easy guidelines. While our aftercare instructions are based on years of practical experience, backed by a keen understanding of the skin healing process in humans, we are not doctors or medical professionals. So don’t mistake this advice for that of a medical professional. If you have sensitivities or allergies, let us know before the tattoo. If you notice anything unusual during the healing process don’t hesitate to contact us or seek the advice of a medical professional. Note that each artist has developed their own slight modifications, so always go with what the artist has described to you during your appointment.